Exec Committee

Here are the members of the current MCR Exec. If you have any questions pertaining to their respective areas of responsibility, please feel free to contact the appropriate person.

*Bios and photos coming soon!

MCR Presidents

Ria Kapoor

Email: ria.kapoor@lmh.ox.ac.uk

Béatrice Rea


Béa is a second-year DPhil student in Comparative Philology and General Linguistics and she is from Canada. Her research focuses on variable auxiliary selection in Montréal French. She also teaches the History/Structure of French to undergraduate and graduate students. She was the Welfare Officer of her previous college (St. Cross).

Email: beatrice.rea@lmh.ox.ac.uk


MCR Treasurer

John Kelly 


John, whose friends call him Jack, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and earned his undergrad degree in Biology at Northeastern University. After a few years of work developing drugs for rare diseases in the pharmaceutical industry, he came to Oxford in 2016 to read for a DPhil in Clinical Medicine. Jack quickly adapted to life at LMH and is an active member of the LMH rowing club, enjoys exploring the Oxford pub scene, and is excited to be your MCR treasurer for 2017!

Email: john.kelly@lmh.ox.ac.uk


MCR Secretary

Hochan “Sonny” Kim

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Hailing from the sunny skies of Southern California, Sonny is currently reading for a BPhil in Philosophy. Before Oxford, he earned a dual degree in Philosophy and Political Science at Brown University. He enjoys eating food and playing tennis – but not in that order. Sometimes, he tinkers with the piano or guitar for the amusement of himself and fellow MCR members.

Email: hochan.kim@lmh.ox.ac.uk


Social Secretaries

Dom Barker

Dom is a DPhil student in American History. In his spare time he plays football for LMH and table tennis for the university. His drink of choice is gin and lemonade, and his favourite film is gladiator. Often found relaxing in the MCR with his fellow social secretary Sean, or in hall where he recommends the mash potato.




Female Welfare

Ashleigh O’Connor-hanlon


From beyond the wall of sunny Scotland Ashleigh is currently reading for an MPhil in Development Studies. Her research interests are in the use of children in conflict in Africa and the Middle East. Before coming to Oxford Ashleigh gained her undergraduate degree in International Politics at the University of Surrey. She is a water sports keener and is currently part of the LMH rowing team. She can often be found lounging in the MCR drinking endless cups of green tea and raiding the cookie jar or at her department discussing how great LMH is #lmhrepresent #lmh4life #lmhtilidie

Email: ashleigh.oconnor-hanlon@lmh.ox.ac.uk


Male Welfare

Adam Brodie


Adam is a 2nd year DPhil student of Politics (specifically Northern Ireland), was born and raised in Oxford, and is as British as drizzle. He is also the President of the Failed Novelists, Oxford’s best creative writing society. Adam likes films, cider, films, helping people, films, books, and is known to watch the odd film now and again at one of Oxford’s several, excellent cinemas. If in need of help do not hesitate to contact.

Email: adam.brodie@lmh.ox.ac.uk