Oxford, 21 September 2017

Dear graduate fresher,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Lady Margaret Hall on behalf of all the members of its Middle Common Room (MCR).

The Middle Common Room is at least two things. It is the body of the graduate students affiliated to Lady Margaret Hall – which we are serving as Presidents – and it is the physical room apportioned to the use of the graduate community of which you are now part.

Many have said that the MCR came to be their family while in Oxford. In a few weeks, we hope you will agree.

Along with the whole MCR Committee, we look forward to welcoming you in person. For this purpose, over the following week we have organised a series of events to introduce you to our College, its people, and its traditions.

We encourage you to attend as many of the Freshers’ Week events as you can. A brief look at the programme you have received will persuade you that these events cater for all tastes: they range from an informal evening of conversation, games and movies in the MCR to our traditional Black Tie night.

The recently activated MCR website ( ) and our Facebook group ( ) are there to help you stay updated with everything happening in the MCR – we highly recommend you visit them regularly, especially in the following days.

Oxford is a truly unique place. You might find it daunting to orient yourself amongst its many institutions and expectations. If you ever happen to feel you need anything in the coming days and weeks, there is one thing you can always do: ask. This Committee and your college parents, the College and its staff are all here for you.

It is our ambition to help make your time in Oxford one of the most enjoyable, formative, and inspiring of your life.

All best wishes,

MCR Presidents