Oxford, 16 September 2019

Dear Graduate Fresher,

Welcome to the Lady Margaret Hall Middle Common Room!

I would like to welcome you to the LMH graduate community. Whether you are with us for nine-months or four-years, I hope you will enjoy and make the most of your life at Oxford. Lady Margaret Hall is not among the oldest colleges, nor is it located in the city centre, but we think this is no bad thing. Throughout our existence, we have remained a bastion of progress and forward-thinking, from our founding 140 years ago, with the specific intention of providing a place to educate women -the first college in Oxford to do so, to the pioneering foundation year programme started in 2016. Add to that our location, abutting University Parks and beautiful, expansive gardens, and we think LMH is truly exceptional.

The term Middle Common Room (affectionately MCR) refers to both a physical space and college’s graduate student community. Situated in the Clore Graduate Centre, the MCR is stocked with amenities, games, a media library (which you can take advantage of in our dedicated TV room), and communal sitting, reading and dining areas, which we hope will make your time at LMH more enjoyable. While we realise that study is the main purpose of our time in Oxford, we also strongly believe the MCR can and should be more than just a group of scholars. This belief is fostered by our Social and Welfare teams, which organise events promoting socialization and community ties throughout the year.

In anticipation of your arrival in Oxford, the MCR Executive Committee has prepared a entire week of events, including tours of the college, brunches, a pub crawl, and more – all designed to welcome you to college, Oxford, and the graduate community. This will hopefully provide a more personal supplement to any written material LMH and your department have sent you in advance, as well as our ‘Alternative Guide’, available on our website ( Also feel free to reach out to your ‘college parents’, students who have volunteered to answer your questions and to make your arrival and integration easier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Otherwise, on behalf of the Executive Committee and the rest of the MCR, we look forward to meeting you in October.

All the best,